mellan varven hörs skogen

Examensarbete HDK vid Steneby


"The starting point of the project has been to work in a pace where
the opportunity is given to reflect over the making itself. By heading
out to the forest I try to find peace. I make the choice to produce, but
neither a final product with a functional value or efficiency are
desirable parameters.

By knitting I have found strength, as knitters in times of war have used
craft as a power source. The knitting has historically been part of therapeutic
elements as well as in protests and demonstrations. An active choice is
made with textile.

I have come to perform an act without an audience. Despite the audience’s
absence it becomes a meaningful activity. This is a documenting of a result of
an activity. The knitting machine has become my voice, the forest my eyes.
The camera has become my witness and the sound my response."


myror i skorna
kvistar i håret
mossa i garnet

i snö, slask och solsken har jag maskinstickat
genom att söka mig till skogen försöker jag finna ro
stickningen växer - beskriver tidens gång
maskinen skriker - en monoton disharmoni med skogen
mellan varven hörs skogen
detta är ett manifest
närvaron, tiden och maskinen
relationen till naturen
hantverket och systerskapet